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Putting sustainability at the heart of your strategy.

BetterBusiness assists you in creating, developing and implementing your sustainability strategy. Our comprehensive, ground-breaking solution is aimed at SMEs who want to align themselves with the highest Environmental, Social and Governance standards.


SMEs often don’t have all the resources they need in-house to implement an ESG strategy and report accurately on their environmental, social and governance performances.

BetterBusiness helps SMEs safely negotiate the curve of the transition and implement an ESG strategy in-house, with us working alongside you. The transition generates a positive dynamic for the company.

of companies have difficulty in recruiting the talent they seek.
of employment contracts terminated in 2021 were terminated by the employee.
of employees say they are ready to change job to find more meaning.

BetterBusiness is all about interdependence. Our clients are our partners: when we share our knowledge and solutions with them, we in turn learn from their challenges and good practice. We can pass on this good practice to others. This creates a powerful virtuous circle.


The BetterBusiness method allows you to aggregate your ESG data (environmental, social and governance). Our tool enables you to be effective in managing your impact, in order to take the right decisions starting from a secure base.

The revolution is under way. We must adapt and manage our impact. Having a collaboration platform provides the conditions necessary to make these initiatives possible. BetterBusiness offers you an agile, ultra-collaborative tool with which to manage your short, medium and long-term objectives in-house.

You don’t really have a department devoted to sustainable development at the moment?  You are not alone. Few companies have one. With our method, all of you work together to push the project forward. A team in harmony with its values, that's a sustainable business.

BetterBusiness rallies your team, leading your company in a common project that echoes the values of all its members. This is what creates commitment and a genuine corporate culture.

Your business, going from strength to strength. With the support of BetterBusiness, show your investors that your company measures and manages its environmental, social and governance performances according to the highest recognised standards.

Objectively compare your impact with that of your peers and inspire your community. Specifically. 

Your sustainable growth policy is defined and launched:

  • Your data are centralised
  • Your own sustainability team is ready, each according to their skills and values
  • Your work tool is close at hand

You are a driver of change, aligned with the recommendations of the Doughnut Theory®.

BetterBusiness vous propose un accompagnement pour tous types de structures, de la plus petite à la plus grande. Découvrez nos récentes missions et leurs impacts.


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